Friday, March 16, 2007

Time To Fertilize Your Lawn for Spring

Luscious Lawn Fertilizer

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Everyone wants to have a lush, green lawn to start off the outdoor season. Do it organically and you can feel good about having your family out there playing on it and how you're effecting the environment. The product above covers all counts.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Know Your Why When You Garden Organically?

Farming for the Future

In the rolling foothills of Southeast Ohio exists a movement of small-scale farmers who cultivate without chemicals or major mechanical input. For these visionary men and women of the earth, pesticides are an unnecessary hazard, while one’s own sweat and toil proves more efficient than fossil-fueled machines. Farming for the Future escapes from the grocery store to tromp through the fields with a diverse group of forward-thinking yeomen, illuminating the subtler and oft-forgotten aspects of the vital commodity we call food.

This 15 minute movie is well worth your time. Let it inspire you to make a difference in your corner of the Earth.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Organic Lawn Care

Mission Impossible?

Are you thinking of Spring? I know I am. Getting out without layers of clothes and heavy boots. To take in a breath of fresh air that doesn't burn your nose hairs. To look up at the sky and see blue. And to look at the ground and see GREEN!

There is something so uplifting and refreshing about the new growth of the Spring lawn. It speaks of a renewed life and a new beginning. We have not yet stopped to think of all the work involved in keeping it that way. Only that the expanse of the lush green growth lures us to be out on it after the long indoor season that is winter. We become possessed with the vision of a lush, green, "weed free" lawn. We will do whatever it takes... Will you? Even if it means creating a toxic experience for your family and pets? I hope not, because...

There is nothing like the feel cool blades of grass on your bare feet.

The soft cushion of a bed of grass beneath you.

Being that close to the earth is rejuvenating. It makes you feel alive inside, like a young child again.

Can life possibly get any better than this? Only when you know the grass is safe.

Well you can go ahead and play your games, send the kids out to play in the sprinkler. Because you'll be happy to know that there is an alternative to chemicals for the lawn. That you can go ahead and extend your "family room" to your lawn and know your family is safe to enjoy all their outdoor activities.

NaturaLawn of America is the lawn care industry’s recognized leader in organic-based lawn care services, and uses an eco-friendly approach to create a green lawn quickly, more naturally, and with fewer weeds. Their system relies on organic-based products, which promote healthy lawns that are safer for humans, animals, and the environment. NaturaLawn of America has been able to reduce weed and insect controls by over 85% year after year compared to the traditional chemical lawn care companies.

If NaturaLawn of America can do it then you and your lawn care company can too. Insist on it, for your family and pets.

You can do it and feel good about it! Do it yourself and save...

A Beautiful Lawn and Garden Most People Only Dream About! Your Lawn and Garden Will Be the Envy Of The Neighborhood- But Not At The Expense Of Your Children and Pet's Health... Save Time And Money" NO TOXIC CHEMICALS! Lawns Without Those Annoying Yellow Spots... Greener Lawns In Water Restricted Areas... Kill Ants and The Entire Colony, In Your Lawn And Garden Where They Live, In Less Than 3 Days!

Click here to discover how you can do it!

Here's to Spring in your neck of the woods.

Mother Earth's Farm