Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AACT - Actively Aerated Compost Tea

The picture shows the difference between having AACT sprayed on and not.

If you've never heard of it then it's time to start checking it out.

Here's a great testimonial I found on a Yahoo forum:

"I came in from applying ACT to a wheat crop just before dark. My wife was out mowing the lawns. When she finishes up she walks over to where I was rinsing out the sprayer and asks "Why does my lawn look so green and healthy?

Response "ACT, of course."

We haven't done anything different this year than any other. We have had roughly the same amount of rain as average. I have been applying ACT to the lawn about every 10 days or so since the first part of May.It seems to have made a large difference. We have some trouble spots that are more like cement than dirt, I've poured hundreds of gallons of ACT on them and now the grass is coming well. These spots also didn't used to absorb water, there would be puddles until it evaporated. Now water soaks right in. Gotta be the Tea.

She has been commenting on her flowers and garden for a while also. They look fabulous. I attibute all this to compost tea. It is the only thing we have done different this year. "

Brad - post

Just remember, to get good, quality AACT you need to start with good, quality compost.

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You will also find one of the best tea brewers on the market for the home gardener.

Great gardens come from healthy soil.