Friday, April 28, 2006

Are Insects Taking the Fun Out of Gardening?

Johnny's Select Seeds is a terrific gardeners resource for outstanding tools and organic seed.

Crawling, flying, stinging insects can really make it miserable to be out in the garden, particularly in the part of the day when it's cooler and more comfortable to be out there working. Even just sitting out and enjoying your garden after a hard days work can be made unbearable. Yet, poisoning our skin in order to poison the bugs is not a viable alternative. So...

Try Johnny's all natural, herb and water-based insect repellent!
This formula contains witch hazel, lemongrass, and lavender in a water base and is non-greasy. While it must be applied more often than DEET-based repellents, the refreshing qualities make it worth it!
This formula has been tested and found effective by Johnny's employees. The non-breakable, 8 Oz. spray bottle makes it easy to use. It is safe for children and animals. Made in Maine.

8 Oz. - $7.95 item #9632

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